Poker Tournament

We are pleased to announce that we are co-hosting another Intern Poker Tournament the week of July 24th.

This will be a unique opportunity for you to discuss the various roles and career paths in trading with like-minded peers. Members of different trading teams from Flow Traders will be on hand to support and advance the discussion.

While an active interest in financial markets should make the event much more rewarding, attendees are not required to be interning in trading this summer. A number of attendees last year were working in banking, equity L/S funds, and even pure tech.


Last year we had six tables set up in a private room at the Nomo Soho Library. We are expecting the tournament to be even bigger this year - but will likely stick to the same area and venue style.


We tentatively plan to begin cocktail hour at 7:00pm. Be sure to bring ID if you are over 21.

The tournament will start at 8:00pm.


We will be playing Texas Hold Em. There is no buy-in but Flow Traders will provide prizes for the winners.

You are not required to be an experienced poker player to participate. There will be beginners' tables - and there is a lot to be said for beginners' luck!


If you are interested in stayed updated as details are finalised - please enter your information below.

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